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Properties in Costa Rica for sale and rent. Investment opportunities and real estate companies are listed here. You can also find valuable informational resources by contacting the links below that provide professional assistance in locating what you are looking for in Costa Rica.

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Costa Rica Real Estate & Investment
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Real Estate in Costa Rica

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BrokerFinder Find an Authorized Real Estate Broker in Costa Rica. This is a free service for the region that will help you find an authorized real estate agent to help you.Click here


All Exclusive Vacation Rentals - Costa Rica's best beach houses, ocean view condos and mansions with marina and golf options. Upscale options in Los Sueños, Guanacaste, Pinilla and more.


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Real Estate Conversion Chart
1 meter 3.28 feet
1 foot 0.304 meters
1 square meter 10.76 square feet
1 square foot 0.093 square meters
1 square vara 0.70 square meter
1 acre 0.405 hectares
1 hectare 2.47 acres
1 manzana 1.73 acres
1 acre 4,049 square meters
1 manzana 10,000 square varas
1 hectare 10,000 square meters

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